chrissie and lily


lewis + lauren

Had the ridiculously awesome pleasure of sharing in one of my most unique and awesome weddings to date. Lauren + Lewis gave me my first taste of a Registry Office wedding and it was such an amazing, heart-warming experience. 

Lauren rocked the 7-months-into-pregnancy-bride job like it was easy and was one of the most stunning and gracious brides I've had the pleasure of working with. Lewis rocked his traditional Scottish fare (and proved the myth that they do in fact wear nothing under a kilt *photo not included* haha).

It was a combination of my first time experiencing the Registry Office (I'd recommend it to anyone!!) and also riding the waves of emotions that come with a wedding that was missing some of the couple's nearest and dearest. Thankfully, Lewis had his family sitting eagerly in their lounge rooms back in Scotland watching and cheering the whole ceremony on thanks to modern technology (Skype is amazing isn't it?!) and it all made for the perfect celebration of a beautiful couple! Enjoy xx