chrissie and lily


Want to know more about me? I have conducted an interview with myself (call me crazy) to answer some of the mysteries that are Chrissie Cosgrove and Holme Street. 


What got you into photography?

Funnily enough, I don’t have any cool stories to explain my passion. No, I didn’t play with my pop’s old box brownie, and no, I didn’t discover amazing film negatives and photographs hiding in boxes of old stuff resulting in a life-changing epiphany that I should become a photographer.

To be honest, I didn’t grow up around cameras very much at all (I was the youngest of four so I wasn’t even subjected to having cameras in my face at every childhood milestone!)

So, to answer your question, it was my school teacher and hobbyist (is hobbyist even a word? Oh well, this is the internet and I break all of the rules) photographer/videographer - now an amazing friend, and someone I am always collaborating with - who opened my eyes to some of the world’s best photographers. One look at the likes of Jose’ Villa and Simply Bloom, and I knew I wanted to pick up a camera (and never put it down).

Why wedding photography?

I love words and stories. Epiphany is a pretty awesome word…Don’t try and say it too many times in a row though, because it will result in a lot of inappropriate F sounds.

Anyway, I had an epiphany once (don’t worry, this is segwaying into answering your question, I promise). I was backing up an amazing photographer at my first wedding shoot (although I was probably most useful in the bag-carrying role at this point). The wedding was this whirlwind experience of unimaginable happiness. And even though these were relative strangers, I found myself almost bursting into uncontrollable tears when the bride’s sister said something ridiculously heartwarming about the couple.

That was when I knew that I had just fallen head over heels in love with weddings. To this day I am so glad I can hide my face with a camera at weddings because I literally want to cry at every damn one. I simply adore weddings.

Where did the name Holme Street come from? Are you just being hipster?..’cause it’s pretty hipster.

Firstly, I don’t appreciate the cynicism (especially when I’m the one interviewing myself). Secondly, yes, there is an ‘L’ in Holme, but it’s still pronounced ‘home’ so it's fairly plain.

Holme Street (now just prepare, this could turn into a soppy cliché’ at any point) has a few meanings. In a literal sense, it is a real street, in my real hometown, but most importantly, it’s where my real nana lived. But in a symbolic sense, it represents far more than a real house on a real street. Holme Street is where I created the foundation for the person I am today, therefore shaping the photographer I have grown to be.

Favourite place to shoot?

I never, ever want to have a favourite place!! Variety is so much more exciting. My little secret for finding the perfect light is quite embarrassing but extremely effective: I look at a possible spot and throw my eyes out of focus (kinda half cross eyed) and watch the magic happen. It is the absolute best way to see how light is landing if ever in doubt. It is also great for getting weird looks in public.


I make iphone lists of my hobbies to remind myself to make time for them. Here’s one of the lists:

x Ride more (And do heaps of sick gutter jumps) (Joking, please don't do that)

x Read more. Read enough to qualify for my sister's book club. Man oh man,  Book clubs are serious business!

x Build something. Maybe a bookshelf for all these books I'm reading. 

x Watch more documentaries (but not too many as you should be doing a fair bit of reading at this point)

x Shoot more film